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Table 1 Copy number of dpgA and groEL-groES genes and D-PhgAT activity of different P. pastoris clones

From: Effective enhancement of Pseudomonas stutzeri D-phenylglycine aminotransferase functional expression in Pichia pastoris by co-expressing Escherichia coli GroEL-GroES

Strain name Host strain Integrated plasmid Integration site Copy number Specific D-PhgAT activity [U·mg-1]a Volumetric D-PhgAT activity [U·L-1]b
     dpgA groEL-groES   
KM_AT3 KM71 pPIC3.5K_ HIS4 3 0 0.0054 2.9
KM_AT1_ELS1 KM71 pAO_ HIS4 1 1 12.6 7531
   D-PhgAT_GAP _ ELS      
KM_AT3_ELS3 KM71_D-PhgAT pPICZ_26S_GAP_ELS 5′AOX1 3 3 23.3 14558
KM_AT3_ELS4    5′AOX1 3 4 45.3 34809
KM_AT3_ELS2    26S rDNA 3 2 14.6 11027
KM_AT3_ELS10    26S rDNA 3 10 60.1 41730
  1. Cells were cultured at 30°C.
  2. a Specific activity was calculated as unit of D-PhgAT activity per mg of soluble cellular protein.
  3. b Volumetric activity was calculated as unit of D-PhgAT activity obtained per liter of P. pastoris culture.