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Table 2 Gene expression changes during curdlan production for select genes with potential influence on curdlan biosynthesis

From: Transcriptome profiling of a curdlan-producing Agrobacterium reveals conserved regulatory mechanisms of exopolysaccharide biosynthesis

Gene ID Fold Change P-value Gene Symbol Description
Curdlan biosynthesis
AGRO_1847 99.0 7.8E-4 crdA hypothetical protein Atu3057
AGRO_1848 94.8 1.1E-3 crdS β1,3-glucan synthase catalytic subunit
AGRO_1849 65.8 9.1E-5 crdC hypothetical protein Atu3055
AGRO_1729 47.5 4.8E-5 - ECF family RNA polymerase sigma factor
Nitrogen signaling cascade
AGRO_1033 5.2 1.4E-2 glnK nitrogen regulatory protein PII
AGRO_4555 2.0 1.8E-2 nifR nitrogen regulation protein
AGRO_0407 1.9 8.3E-3 rpoN RNA polymerase factor sigma-54
AGRO_4554 -1.0 8.1E-1 ntrB two component sensor kinase
AGRO_4553 -2.0 9.4E-2 ntrC two component response regulator
AGRO_0420 -5.8 1.0E-3 glnD PII uridylyl-transferase
c-di-GMP biosynthesis
AGRO_3967 5.7 3.2E-3 - GGDEF domain protein
AGRO_0636 2.3 5.7E-2 - GGDEF domain protein
AGRO_0033 2.2 4.2E-2 - GGDEF domain protein
AGRO_5348 2.4 5.1E-4 chaA Ca2+/H+ antiporter
AGRO_2774 1.9 3.3E-3 ppx1 exopolyphosphatase
AGRO_2974 1.8 3.0E-1 aqpZ aquaporin Z
AGRO_2553 1.1 4.4E-1 ppk polyphosphate kinase
AGRO_1846 1.1 6.7E-1 - Na+/H+antiporter
AGRO_0927 -2.2 6.8E-4 ppa Inorganic pyrophosphatase
GRO_2552 -3.6 2.5E-3 ppx2 exopolyphosphatase
AGRO_2518 -6.9 4.5E-3 rrpP membrane-bound proton-translocating pyrophosphatase
Stringent response
AGRO_1497 3.9 1.6E-3 relA/spoT GTP pyrophosphohydrolase/synthetase