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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: An internal deletion in MTH1 enables growth on glucose of pyruvate-decarboxylase negative, non-fermentative Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain Description and Genotype Source
CEN.PK113-7D MATa LEU2 URA3 MAL2-8C P. Kötter, Germany
RWB837 MATa pdc1Δ(-6,-2)::loxP pdc5Δ(-6,-2)::loxP pdc6Δ(-6,-2)::loxP ura3-52 [25]
TAM MATa pdc1Δ (-6,-2)::loxP pdc5Δ (-6,-2)::loxP pdc6Δ (-6,-2)::loxP ura3-52, selected for C2 independence in glucose-limited chemostat cultures and glucose-tolerant growth in batch culture [25]
MY2243 MATα ura3-52 his3Δ1 trp1-289 pdc1Δ(-6,-2)::loxP pdc5Δ(-6,-2)::loxP Microbia Inc, U.S.A.
MY2280 MATa/MATα pdc1Δ/pdc1Δ pdc5Δ/pdc5Δ PDC6/pdc6Δ ura3-52/ura3-52 MTH1/MTH1-ΔT This study
IMI073 MATa pdc1Δ(-6,-2)::loxP pdc5Δ(-6,-2)::loxP pdc6Δ(-6,-2)::loxP ura3-52 MTH1-ΔT ::pUD143 (URA3)::MTH1 This study
IMI076 IMI073 ura3-52 MTH1-ΔT This study
IMI078 IMI076 URA3 MTH1-ΔT This study
IMI082 RWB837 URA3 This study
IMI083 TAM URA3 This study
IMZ103 RWB837 pvv214 This study
IMZ104 RWB837 pEXp214-MTH1.2 This study