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Table 1 Escherichia coli strains and plasmids used

From: Consequences of phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotranferase system and pyruvate kinase isozymes inactivation in central carbon metabolism flux distribution in Escherichia coli

Strain Description Reference
PB28 ΔptsI, ptsH, crr::kan, pykA::cat, pykF::gen [28]
JM101 pck- Sup E, thi, Δ(lac-pro AB), F’, pck::cat [53]
W3110 F- λ- INV(rrn D - rrn E)1 [48]
VH32 galP+ W3110 ΔptsH, ptsI, crr::Km, ΔlacI, lacZ::loxP ΔP galP ::cat,P Trc [50]
VH33 VH32 galP+ ΔP galP :: P Trc This work
VH34 VH33 pykA::cat This work
VH35 VH33 pykF::gen This work
W3110 pck- W3110 pck::cat This work
VH33 pck- VH33 pck::cat This work
VH34 pck- VH34 pck::cat This work
VH35 pck- VH35 pck::cat This work
W3110A W3110/JLBaroGfbrtktA, pTrcpheAev2 This work
VH33A VH33/JLBaroGfbrtktA, pTrcpheAev2 This work
VH34A VH34/JLBaroGfbrtktA, pTrcpheAev2 This work
VH35A VH35/JLBaroGfbrtktA, pTrcpheAev2 This work
pCP20 FLP+, λci857+, λ pRRepts, ApR, CmR [52]
pJLBaroGfbrtktA aroGfbr under control of the lacUV5 promoter; and tktA under its native promoter, carries lacIq and tet genes. Replication origin from pACYC184 [55]
pTrcpheAev2 Evolved pheAev2 under the control of lacUV5 promoter. Ev2 superscript means 2nd version of evolved pheAfbr gene. [32]