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Figure 7

From: Regulation of mtl operon promoter of Bacillus subtilis: requirements of its use in expression vectors

Figure 7

Fusion of cre sites to P groE (A) and repression of the constructs by glucose (B). (A) Insertion of the cre sites of P mtlA (pKAM88), P mtlR (pKAM89), and of the internal cre site of mtlA (pKAM91), as well as the cre site of acsA, between P groE and P mtlR untranslated region. As negative control, P groE was directly fused to P mtlR untranslated region (pKAM101). (B) Catabolite repression of B. subtilis 3NA pKAM88, pKAM89, pKAM90, pKAM91, and pKAM101 in the presence and absence of glucose (PTS) and xylose (non-PTS).

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