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Archived Comments for: Reducing conditions are the key for efficient production of active ribonuclease inhibitor in Escherichia coli

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  1. Correction of legends of Figs 8 and 9

    Peter Neubauer, Technische Universität Berlin

    19 July 2011

    In this article legend of Figure 8 is mixed up with the legend of Figure 9. The right text is:

    Figure 8: RI activities in the total soluble protein fraction (white bars) and in the periplasmic fraction (grey bars) of E. coli of RV308 pCUlac-pelB-RI and RV308 pCUlac-His6-RI from samples of batch and fed-batch bioreactor cultivations without and with addition of DTT. Data derive from three activity assays.

    Figure 9: The amount of reduced DTT during batch shake flask and fed-batch bioreactor processes with microarerobic production mode, was measured by using Measure-iTTM Kit (Invitrogen). The samples for reduced DTT evaluation were taken every synthesis hour starting with DTT addition moment. The data is derived from three assays.

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