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Figure 4

From: Multi-omics approach to study the growth efficiency and amino acid metabolism in Lactococcus lactis at various specific growth rates

Figure 4

Overview of arginine and glutamine metabolism in L. lactis at various specific growth rates (μ). Black and capitalised metabolites were measured extracellular. Measured metabolites in boxes/ellipses were consumed/produced, respectively. Red/white background represents decrease/no change, respectively, in metabolite consumption or production with increasing μ. Red arrows indicate decrease, green arrows increase and black arrows no significant change in transcriptome and proteome expressions when μ 0.5 h-1 is compared with μ 0.1 h-1. Arrowheads indicate the assumed reaction directions. Underlined metabolites exist several times on chart. More specific protein expression fold changes are illustrated on chart. Proteins PurF and YphF, represented only on charts, are involved in purine metabolism and converting glutamine to glutamate. THF - tetrahydrofolate; αKG - α-ketoglutarate; Car-P - carbamoyl-phosphate, * - represents example pathway components from literature [38, 39].

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