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Table 2 Biochemical properties of LC-1

From: Anti-mycobacterial activity of heat and pH stable high molecular weight protein(s) secreted by a bacterial laboratory contaminant

Test Results Test Results
Growth on MacConkey agar Tween 20 hydrolysis +
Indole test Tween 40 hydrolysis
Methyl red test Tween 80 hydrolysis
Voges Kauer test Arginine dihydrolase
Citrate utilization   
H2S production Acid production from
Gas production Glucose +
Casein hydrolysis Lactose +
Esculin hydrolysis Sucrose +
Gelatin hydrolysis Arabinose
Starch hydrolysis Salicin
Urea hydrolysis Mannose
Nitrate reduction + Mannitol
Catalase test + Xylose
Oxidase test Glycerol +