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Table 4 Removing the feedback inhibition and transcriptional attenuation of other enzymes

From: Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for producing branched chain amino acids

Host Mutation sites Titer of BCAAs (shake flask) (g/L) Titer of BCAAs (fed batch) (g/L) Productivity (g/(L × h)) Yield (g/g glucose) Substrate References
C. glutamicum DSM8890 V323A TD l-Isoleucine: 16.4     Glucose [68]
C. glutamicum IWJ001 P176S/D426E/L575W AHAS, F383V TD l-Isoleucine: 5.83     Glucose [69]
C. glutamicum JHI3-156 P176S/D426E/L575W AHAS, F383V TD l-Isoleucine: 5.77 l-Isoleucine: 30.7 0.426 0.120 Glucose [70]
C. glutamicum ATCC13869 A279T AK, G378S HD, F383V TD l-Isoleucine: 3.53     Glucose [71]
C. glutamicum ATCC14067 V140M/F383A TD l-Isoleucine: 0.73     Glucose [72]
C. glutamicum ML1-9 R529H/G532D/L535V IPMS   l-Leucine: 38.1 0.794   Glucose [64]
C. glutamicum KCCM11662P R558H/G561D IPMS l-Leucine: 13.1     Glucose [67]
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 G20D/I21D/I22F AHAS, R529H/G532D IPMS l-Leucine: 6.82 l-Leucine: 23.7 0.564 0.219 Glucose [33]
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 Y553D IPMS l-Leucine: 1.55     Glucose [66]