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Table 3 Enhancement of BCAAs biosynthetic pathways

From: Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for producing branched chain amino acids

Host Overexpression genes Knockout genes Titer of BCAAs (shake flask) (g/L) Titer of BCAAs (fed batch) (g/L) Productivity (g/(L × h)) Yield (g/g glucose) Substrate References
C. glutamicum R ilvBNG156E, ilvCS34G/L48E/R49F, ilvD, leuDH ΔldhA l-Valine: 227   7.17 0.410 Glucose [52]
C. glutamicum R JCM 18229 ilvBNG156E, ilvCS34G/L48E/R49F, ilvD, leuDH, gapA, pyk, pfk, pgi, tpi ΔldhA, Δppc, Δpta, ΔackA, ΔctfA, ΔavtA l-Valine: 150    0.573 Glucose [53]
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 ilvN G20D/I21D/I22F, replacing ilvD promoter with P-ilvDM7, replacing ilvE promoter with P-ilvEM6 ΔpanB, replacing ilvA promoter with P-ilvAM1CG l-Valine: 15.9     Glucose [51]
C. glutamicum ATCC13032 ilvBNC, ilvD ΔilvA, ΔpanBC l-Valine: 10.7     Glucose [49]
C. glutamicum YILW brnFE ΔbrnQ   l-Isoleucine: 29.0    Glucose [54]
C. glutamicum IWJ001 gnd, fbp, pgl   l-Isoleucine: 10.9 l-Isoleucine: 29.0 0.345 0.138 Glucose [55]
C. glutamicum WM001 phaCAB   l-Isoleucine: 9.58 l-Isoleucine: 29.8   0.129 Glucose [56]
C. glutamicum JHI3-156 lrp, brnFE   l-Isoleucine: 3.49 l-Isoleucine: 26.9 0.374 0.122 Glucose [57]
C. glutamicum MH20-22B ilvA V323A, hom G378E, introducing the ilvA-con promoter mutation, replacing hom promoter with PcspB Introducing the PdapA-C13
promoter mutation
l-Isoleucine: 6.95 l-Isoleucine: 14.3 0.184 0.137 Glucose [58]
C. glutamicum JHI3-156 zwf, ppnK   l-Isoleucine: 4.10   0.057 0.072 Glucose [59]
C. glutamicum ATCC13869 lysC, hom, thrB, ilvA Δddh l-Isoleucine: 3.81     Glucose [60]
C. glutamicum YILW   ΔalaT l-Isoleucine: 2.09 l-Isoleucine: 15.4   0.136 Glucose [61]
C. glutamicum XQ-9 leuA, ilvBN, leuDH, ilvCS34G/L48E/R49F, rocG ΔltbR, ΔilvE, Δgdh l-Leucine: 23.3    0.191 Glucose [62]
C. glutamicum FA-1 aspB ΔilvE l-Leucine: 20.8     Glucose [63]