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Table 4 List of the genomic integration sites in Synechocystis targeted in this study. The integrative sites which were successfully used for the introduction of an sYFP2 expression cassette are shown in black font. The strains that were unstable or could not be segregated (and were excluded from the subsequent analysis) are shown in grey font. The sites previously reported in literature that were used as quantitative controls have been indicated by * [the control strain harboring the replicative pDF-lac2* plasmid is not listed in the table]

From: Comparison of alternative integration sites in the chromosome and the native plasmids of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 in respect to expression efficiency and copy number

  1. N.A. Not assigned, gene encoding protein of unknown function or annotated as hypothetical, Chrom. Chromosome; I.R.* Intergenic region between slr9101 and pCA24_1 (position 227–465 bp) in pCA2.4. # prep. rounds. The number of independent transformation /segregation attempts conducted for each strain