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Table 3 Genomic neutral sites used earlier for the integration of expression cassettes in Synechocystis

From: Comparison of alternative integration sites in the chromosome and the native plasmids of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 in respect to expression efficiency and copy number

Integration site Replicon Expressed protein/source organism Reference
slr1311* (psbA2) Chrom Ipi/S. cerevisiae; CrtR, CrtP, CrtB/Synechocystis
Pdc, Adh/Z. mobilis
IspS/P. montana
IspS/P. montana
HmgS, HmgR/E. faecalis; AtoB/E. coli
slr0168* (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria, LuxAB/V. harveyi
Ldh/B. subtilis, Sth/P. aeruginosa
slr1181 (psbA1) Chrom Kivd, AdhA/L. lactis [94]
sll1476 (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria [65]
slr0573 (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria [65]
slr1396 (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria [65]
slr0271 (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria [65]
slr0397 (N.A.) Chrom GFP/A. victoria [65]
I.R.* pCA2.4 YFP [36]
  1. N.A.: Not assigned; gene encoding protein of unknown function or annotated as hypothetical; Chrom.: Chromosome; I.R.*: Intergenic region between slr9101 and pCA24_1 (position 227—465 bp) in pCA2.4.; Ipi: isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase; CrtR: β-carotene hydroxylase; CrtP: phytoene desaturase; CrtB: phytoene synthase; Pdc: pyruvate decarboxylase; Adh: alcohol dehydrogenase II; IspS: isoprene synthase; HmgS: Hmg-CoA synthase; HmgR: Hmg-CoA reductase; AtoB: acetyl-CoA acetyl transferase; GFP: green fluorescent protein; LuxAB: luciferase; Ldh: L-lactate dehydrogenase; Sth: soluble transhydrogenase; GFPmut3B: synthetic green fluorescent protein; Kivd: 2-ketoisovalerate decarboxylase; AdhA: aldehyde reductase; YFP: yellow fluorescent protein. The integration sites used as controls in this study have been indicated by *