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Table 1 Representative list of therapeutic proteins produced in yeast

From: Customized yeast cell factories for biopharmaceuticals: from cell engineering to process scale up

Host Therapeutic protein Yield Reference
P. pastoris Insulin 3 g/L Insulin precursor [122]
S. cerevisiae IFNα2b 15 mg/L [142]
Y. lipolytica IFNα2b 425 mg/L [143]
P. pastoris Hepatitis B antigen 7 g/L [144]
S. cerevisiae Glucagon like peptide 2 [145]
K. lactis Human interferon β [40]
P. pastoris Human granulocyte–macrophage colony-stimulating factor 285 mg/L [146]
P. pastoris Human serum albumin 92.29 mg/L [147]
H. polymorpha HBV surface antigen 250 mg/L [148]
H. polymorpha Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (GCSF) [26]
H. polymorpha Rotavirus VP6 protein (RV VP6) 3350.71 mg/L [149]
H. polymorpha HPV type 16 L1-L2 chimeric protein (SAF) 132.10 mg/L [25]