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Table 3 Summary of fit for model responses

From: Optimal process design space to ensure maximum viability and productivity in Penicillium chrysogenum pellets during fed-batch cultivations through morphological and physiological control

Model responseModel parameter (95% significance level)R2Q2Model validityReproducibility
Pellet sizeP/V0.600.430.500.93
Pellet compactnessP/V0.580.450.99
Viable pellet layerqs, P/V, dO20.780.580.880.71
Mean specific productivityqs0.710.480.580.91
  1. Ranges to differentiate good models according to MODDE: R2 (> 0.5), Q2 (> 0.1 for a significant model, > 0.5 for good model), Model validity (> 0.25), Reproducibility (> 0.5)