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Table 1 Yeast strains used in this study

From: Integrating pathway elucidation with yeast engineering to produce polpunonic acid the precursor of the anti-obesity agent celastrol

AM109Mat a/α, PGAL1-HMG2(K6R):: HOX2, ura3, trp1, his3, PTDH3-HMG2(K6R)X2-::leu2, ERG9/erg9, UBC7/ubc7, SSM4/ssm4, PHO86/pho86Ignea et al. [49]
AM109-1AM109; pUUS(empty vector)This study
AM109-2AM109; pUUS(TwOSC4)This study
AM109-3AM109; pUUS(KdFRS)This study
AM238MATα his3, ura3, trp1, rox1, dos2, yer134c, vba5, ynr063w, ygr259cTrikka et al. [50]
AM238-1AM238; pUUS(empty vector)This study
AM238-2AM238; pUUS(KdFRS)This study
AM254AM238; ucb7This study
AM254-1AM254; pUUS(empty vector)This study
AM254-2AM254; pUUS(KdFRS)This study
AM254-3AM254; pUUS(empty vector); pHTDH(SctHMG2); pESC-LEU(empty vector), pESC-TRP(empty vector)This study
AM254-4AM254; pUUS(KdFRS); pHTDH(SctHMG2); pESC-LEU(empty vector); pESC-TRP(empty vector)This study
AM254-5AM254; pUUS(KdFRS); pHTDH(SctHMG2); pESC-LEU(TwCPR1); pESC–TRP(CYP712K1)This study
AM254-6AM254; pUUS(KdFRS); pHTDH(SctHMG2); pESC-LEU(TwCPR1); pESC-TRP(CYP712K2)This study
AM254-7AM254; pUUS(KdFRS); pHTDH(SctHMG2); pESC-LEU(TwCPR1); pESC-TRP(CYP712K3)This study