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Fig. 1

From: Homogeneous production and characterization of recombinant N-GlcNAc-protein in Pichia pastoris

Fig. 1

Endo-T expressed on the surface of P. pastoris. a Fluorescence micrographs showed the immunofluorescence staining of the Pichia pastoris WT (NC, left) and Pir-Endo-T (Right) with anti-Flag antibody. b SDS-PAGE was used to detect the deglycosylation activity of P. pastoris Pir-Endo-T strain. IgG1-Fc purified from P. pastoris GS115 was used as substrates to incubate at 37 °C for different time. Lane 1: 0 min; Lane 2: 1 h; Lane 3: 2 h; Lane 4: 4 h; Lane 5: 6 h; Lane 6: treated with PNGase F 1 h

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