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Table 1 Secondary metabolite gene clusters deleted within the chromosome of S. lividans TK24 and resulting strains

From: Engineering of Streptomyces lividans for heterologous expression of secondary metabolite gene clusters

ClusterProductCoordinates of deleted genesSize of the gene cluster (kb)Size of deleted region (Kb)Strain ID
Cluster 10Undecylprodigiosin09100–09185≈ 47.65≈ 26.5ΔYA1
Cluster 14Actinorhodin12,885–12965≈ 41.55≈ 15.3ΔYA2
Cluster 17Melanin24135–24185≈ 9.17≈ 8ΔYA3
Cluster 13Terpene12220–12265≈ 21.67≈ 11.7ΔYA4
Cluster 19Germicidin31668–31860≈ 42.26≈ 40ΔYA5
Cluster 15CDA21535–21540≈ 80.87≈ 27ΔYA6
Cluster 6Coelimycin06755–06775≈ 79.56≈ 20ΔYA7
Cluster 2Coelibactin00885–00925≈ 73.28≈ 17ΔYA8
Cluster 24Eicosapentaenoic acid37285–37305≈ 53.55≈ 13ΔYA9
Cluster 21Coelichelin35395–35490≈ 51.22≈ 32::attB2ΔYA10
Cluster 5NRPS06215–06270≈ 48.64≈ 18::attB3ΔYA11