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Table 1 N-terminal sequence results of aFGF, EGF, IGF, and VEGF165. Expected sequence indicates the reference sequence, and observed sequence indicates the result of the N-terminal sequence. C was detected as X due to the characteristics of the Edman sequence method

From: Effective production of human growth factors in Escherichia coli by fusing with small protein 6HFh8

Protein Sequence Position
P1′ P2′ P3′ P4′ P5′ P6′ P7′ P8′ P9′ P10′
aFGF Expected F N L P P G N Y K K
Observed F N L P P G N Y K K
EGF Expected N S D S E C P L S H
Observed N S D S E X P L S H
IGF-1 Expected G P E T L C G A E L
Observed G P E T L X G A E L
VEGF165 Expected A P M A E G G G Q N
Observed A P M A E G G G Q N