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Table 4 Applications of type I and III CRISPR/Cas systems in bacteria, including genome editing and transcriptional regulation

From: Application of different types of CRISPR/Cas-based systems in bacteria

Cas protein Species Strategy and type of modifications Reference
Cas3 C. tyrobutyricum Genome editing, single- and multi-gene deletions (100%) [103]
Cas3 E. coli Genome editing [106]
Cas3 H. hispanica Genome editing, deletion and single nucleotide substitution [102]
Cas3 H. volcanii CRISPRi, the promoter region (down to 8%), the coding strand (down to 88%), the template strand (down to 8%) [101]
dCas3 E. coli CRISPRi (82%) [105]
Cas10 S. aureus Genome editing, deletions and insertions [10]