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Table 1 P. oxalicum strains used in this study

From: Constructing a novel expression system by specific activation of amylase expression pathway in Penicillium

Strain name Description Parent strain Reference
DB2 Δbgl2-bgl2(p)::β-rec M12 [32]
Δ13A Δbgl2-bgl2(p)::β-rec-Δamy13A-pyrG DB2 This study
Δ13A-OamyR Δbgl2-bgl2(p)::β-rec-Δamy13A-amy13A(p)::amyR-pyrG DB2 This study
Δ13A-OamyR-ΔCreA Δbgl2-bgl2(p)::β-rec-Δamy13A-amy13A(p)::amyRcreA-pyrG Δ13A-OamyR This study