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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in the study

From: Disruption or reduced expression of the orotidine-5′-decarboxylase gene pyrG increases citric acid production: a new discovery during recyclable genome editing in Aspergillus niger

WT-DCitric acid producing strain isolated from soil sampleLab store
D353Derived from WT-D after Co60 γ- ray radiation mutagenesisLab store
D10kusA::hph, pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D12pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D13pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D14pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D20pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D353.4pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D353.8kusA::hph, pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D353.10pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D353.18pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
D353.20pyrG::hph, hygRThis study
XMD1.6PpyrG::Tet-on, hygRThis study
pSM-AnpyrGPtrpC:AnpyrG:TtrpCThis study
pCas9-hphPglaA:nls-Cas9-nls:TglaA, hygRThis study
pCas9-AnpyrGPglaA:nls-Cas9-nls:TglaA, pyrGRThis study
psgRNA6.1P5S rRNA:sgRNA-albA:Tpoly(T)6[10]
psgRNA6.13P5S rRNA:sgRNA-kusA:Tpoly(T)6This study
psgRNA6.14P5S rRNA:sgRNA-pyrG1:Tpoly(T)6This study
psgRNA6.15P5S rRNA:sgRNA-pyrG2:Tpoly(T)6This study