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Table 1 Transcription factors potentially binding the identified DNA motifs in the ccg6 promoters analyzed, using the MEME suite

From: Assessment of the ptxD gene as a growth and selective marker in Trichoderma atroviride using Pccg6, a novel constitutive promoter

MotifTranscription factors
1Haa1p, Gcr1p, Hsf1p, Reb1p
2Nrg1p, Snk7p, Abf1p
3Basp1p, Yrm1p, Hac1p, Rfx1p, Pdh1p, Gsm1p
4Met31p, Met32p
5Rap1p, Met32p, Met31p, Hcm1p, Ndt80p, Sum1p, Matalpha2p, Rox1p, Crz1p, Rap1p
6Rfx1p, Met32p, Nrg2p, Cbf1p, Nrg1p, Crz1p
7Fkh2p, Mig1p, Mig2p, Mig3p, Ume6p, Mbp1p, Ndt80p, Stb5p, Stp1p, Yrr1p, Rfx1p, Sut2p
8Rfx1p, Ste12p, Swi4p, Met31p, Met32p, Yrr1p, Rfx1p
9Ino4p, Mot3p, Haa1p, Gcr1p, Ino2p, Mga1p
10Hac1p, Rsc30p, Arg81p, Cbf1p, Aft2p, Met32p, Aft1p
11Ash1p, Arg81p, Rap1p
  1. Motifs are numbered according Fig. 1