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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Improving l-serine formation by Escherichia coli by reduced uptake of produced l-serine

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsSource
pKD13amp and kan markers[24]
pKD46amp markers, temperature-sensitive[24]
pCP20amp and Chl markers, temperature-sensitive[24]
pMD-19PCR cloning vectorTakara
pSCLow copy number, kan marker, p15A replicon, lambda PR and PL promotersStock in lab
pSC-08pSC derivative, carrying serAfr under PL promoter, serB under PR promoter, serC under PR promoter and pgk under PL promoterStock in lab
pSC-11pSC derivative, carrying sdaC under PR promoterThis work
pSC-12pSC derivative, carrying cycA under PR promoterThis work
pSC-13pSC derivative, carrying sstT under PR promoterThis work
pSC-14pSC derivative, carrying tdcC under PR promoterThis work