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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: Improving l-serine formation by Escherichia coli by reduced uptake of produced l-serine

StrainDescriptionSource or reference
W3110K-12 wild-type (ATCC 27325)Genetimes ExCell Technology, Inc
ESW3110 (ΔsdaA, ΔglyA)Stock in lab
ES-1ES (ΔsdaC)This work
ES-2ES (ΔcycA)This work
ES-3ES (ΔsstT)This work
ES-4ES (ΔtdcC)This work
ES-12ES (ΔsdaC, ΔcycA)This work
ES-13ES (ΔsdaC, ΔsstT)This work
ES-14ES (ΔsdaC, ΔtdcC)This work
ES-123ES (ΔsdaC, ΔcycA, ΔsstT)This work
ES-124ES (ΔsdaC, ΔcycA, ΔtdcC)This work
ES-134ES (ΔsdaC, ΔsstT, ΔtdcC)This work
ES-1234ES (ΔsdaC, ΔcycA, ΔsstT, ΔtdcC)This work