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Table 1 Nitrogenase activity of the cyanobacterial strains studied

From: Overproduction of the Flv3B flavodiiron, enhances the photobiological hydrogen production by the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC 7120

Strain measureWild typeWT/patB-flv3B
Exponential growth rate per day (BG110)0.1550.155
Chla content (mg Chla/mL)4.498.9
Nitrogenase activity (nmol N2/mg Chla/h)17.311.2
sd on nitrogenase activity0.0010.00,025
  1. Two independent cultures of each strain were grown as explained in the Materials and methods section. For each strain, the nitrogenase activity values presented in this table were registered at T = 4 h of the light phase
  2. Chla chlorophyll a, sd standard deviation