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Table 1 Densitometric analysis of dot blot experiments of Fig. 1b with the supernatants of the adsorption reaction with wild type spores

From: A probiotic treatment increases the immune response induced by the nasal delivery of spore-adsorbed TTFC

TTFC sourceAmount of sample usedDensity (OD/mm2)Amount of TTFC
Amount of TTFC μg in 200 μl (% total)
Purified TTFC50.00 ng29.053NANA
 25.00 ng13.121NANA
 12.50 ng5.294NANA
Free TTFC80 μl16.50523.40.05 (2.9)
(supernatant)40 μl8.01211.80.05 (2.9)
 20 μl4.6294.50.04 (2.2)