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TableĀ 1 Summary of deletion strains based on updated NZ9000 sequence (CP002094.1, Linares DM 2010)

From: Restructured Lactococcus lactis strains with emergent properties constructed by a novel highly efficient screening system

StrainsDeletion unitsRemoved (bp)Cumulative (bp)Deletion (%)Doubling time (min)
L. lactis 9K-117974097400.374NA
L. lactis 9K-24022,51832,2581.26NA
L. lactis 9K-33417,90550,1631.986NA
L. lactis 9K-4A1510,09060,2532.38543.2
L. lactis 9K-5A3121,62481,8773.23543.3