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Table 4 Biobricks used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering and transcriptomic analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae producing p-coumaric acid from xylose

BioBrick ID Template for PCR Fw primer Rv primer
BB0380 (Fj_tal<-) F. johnsoniaeu codon-optimized synthetic gene Fj_Tal_U1_fw (ID1691) Fj_TalU1_rv (ID1692)
BB254 (KlLEU2_2/3_START) p0019(pUG73) Sc_LEU2_2/3_START_fw (ID476) Sc_LEU2_2/3_START_rv (ID150)
BB251 CEN.PK113-7D gDNA Sc_Pdc5_UP_fw (ID1368) Sc_Pdc5_UP_rv (ID1369)
BB252 CEN.PK113-7D gDNA Sc_Pdc5_END_fw (ID1370) Sc_Pdc5_END_fw (ID1371)
BB681 CEN.PK113-7D gDNA Sc_Aro10_UP_fw (1372) Sc_Aro10_UP_rv (1373)
BB0501 (Ec_AroL->) EcoMG1655 ATCC 31884 gDNA Ec_AroL_U2_fw (ID6785) Ec_AroL_U2_rv (ID6786)
BB0361 (Sc_Aro7_G141S<-) p0761 (pESC-URA-ARO7pm) Sc_aro7_U1_fw (ID1398) Sc_aro7_U1_rv (ID1399)
BB0364 (Sc_Aro4_K229L->) p0775 (pESC-HIS-ARO4pm) Sc_aro4_U2_fw (ID1396) Sc_aro4_U2_rv (ID1397)
BB1189 (Pdc5_Up_kanmx_2/3 start) p0015 (pUG6) Pdc5_UP_fw (ID1368) URA3_2/3_START_rv (ID92)
BB1190(kanmx_2/3_end_Pdc5_down) p0015 (pUG6) URA3_2/3_END_fw (ID93) Pdc5_END_rv (ID1371)
BB828 (aro10_UP_Leu2_2/3_start) BB251, BB245 Sc_Aro10_UP_fw (1372) Sc-LEU2_2/3_START_rv (ID150)
BB829 (Leu2_2/3_end_aro10_down) BB681, BB252 LEU2_2/3_END_fw (ID151) Aro10_END_rv (ID1375)