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Table 2 Optimum temperatures of heterologously expressed ReGal2–ReGal5

From: Characterization of a highly stable α-galactosidase from thermophilic Rasamsonia emersonii heterologously expressed in a modified Pichia pastoris expression system

Name NCBI protein accession no. Length (amino acids) GH family Optimum temperature (°C) pNPGal activity (U ml−1)
ReGal2 XP_013324753.1 491 27 80 38.0
ReGal3 XP_013323553.1 607 27 50 20.7
ReGal4 XP_013332284.1 545 27 50 11.2
ReGal5 XP_013330325.1 682 27 65 3.5
  1. The pNPGal hydrolytic activities and the optimal temperatures were determined with crude culture supernatant of P. pastoris transformants