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Table 1 Yeast strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Repression of mitochondrial metabolism for cytosolic pyruvate-derived chemical production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strain name Description Source or references
BY4742 MATα, his3Δ1, leu2Δ0, lys2Δ0, ura3Δ0 Thermo Scientific
mpc1Δ BY4742 mpc1Δ::kanMX4 Thermo Scientific
atg32Δ BY4742 atg32Δ:: kanMX4 Thermo Scientific
SCM001 BY4742/pGK426 This study
SCM053 mpc1Δ/pGK426 This study
SCM003 atg32Δ/pGK426 This study
SCM043 BY4742/pATP426-alsLpOp-aldcLlOp-BDH1 This study
SCM051 mpc1Δ/pATP426-alsLpOp-aldcLlOp-BDH1 This study
SCM042 atg32Δ/pATP426-alsLpOp-aldcLlOp-BDH1 This study
Plasmid Description Source or reference
pGK426 Yeast expression vector containing PGK1 promoter, 2μ origin, URA3 marker, no expression (control plasmid) Ishii et al. [33]
pATP426 Yeast three gene expression vector containing ADH1, TDH3, and PGK1 promoters, 2µ origin, URA3 marker, no expression. Ishii et al. [34]
pATP426-alsLpOp-aldcLlOp-BDH1 pATP426, co-expression of codon-optimized L. plantarum ALS, L. lactis ALDC and S. cerevisiae BDH1 genes controlled by ADH1, TDH3, and PGK1 promoters Ishii et al. [6]