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Fig. 2

From: Exploring novel herbicidin analogues by transcriptional regulator overexpression and MS/MS molecular networking

Fig. 2

Effects of overexpression of possible regulators on herbicidin production and gene expression. a Analysis of the production of herbicidin F in the fermentation broth of different strains by HPLC. i, S. mobaraensis US-43; ii, US43/pSET152; iii, US43/pL-hcdR2; iv, US43/pL-hcdR1; v, US43/pL-hcdR3. Transcriptional analysis of different genes in overexpression strains US43/pL-hcdR2 (b), US43/pL-hcdR1 (c) and US43/pL-hcdR3 (d). Data are from three biological samples with two PCR determinations of each. The values were normalized to that of hrdB and were represented as mean ± SD. The amounts of each particular transcript in the control strain US43/pSET152 were arbitrarily assigned as 1

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