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Fig. 2

From: Optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae α-galactosidase production and application in the degradation of raffinose family oligosaccharides

Fig. 2

Monitoring of variants MEL1 expressed in strain BJ3505 using YPHSM culture medium. Extracellular (clear grey), intracellular (dark grey) activity (a), and percentage of activity of the extracellular (clear grey) and intracellular (dark grey) fraction, with respect to total activity (b). YEpMEL1, YEpMEL1Flag and YEpMEL1His contain the full MEL1 gene, while in YEpFlagMEL1, YEpαFMEL1, YEpαFMEL1Flag and YEpαFMEL1His the native secretion signal of ScAGAL was replaced by the signal α-Factor. Mean ± DS, N = 3

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