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Table 3 Hydrophobic regions of the AXE compared with homologous regions of RGA-1 esterase

From: Designer bioemulsifiers based on combinations of different polysaccharides with the novel emulsifying esterase AXE from Bacillus subtilis CICC 20034

Sequence position AXE RAG-1 esterase
Sequences GRAVYa Sequences GRAVYa
223229 LEINSFF 0.871 VSPLFDD 0.200
236240 ETEKT −2.460 TLVQV 1.600
245250 LAYFDI 1.350 ILLDDS 0.717
264269 SIGLID 1.350 VHFKLY 0.400
276281 TVFAAY 1.433 FQMFNA 0.383
289293 QLKVY −0.140 ALADI 1.680
  1. aThe GRAVY value for a peptide was calculated using the ProtParam tool. It is the sum of hydropathy values of all the amino acids, divided by the number of residues in the sequence [29]