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Table 1 Extracellular parameters for the light-limited chemostat

From: Optimal proteome allocation strategies for phototrophic growth in a light-limited chemostat

Name Definition Value
\(\text {c}_{\mathrm{i}}^{\mathrm{x}}\) External inorganic carbon 100 mM
\(\text {z}_{\mathrm{m}}\) Depth of culture vessel 2.4 cm
\(\text {K}_{\mathrm{bg}}\) Background turbidity \(0.06\ \text {cm}^{-1}\)
\(\alpha _{0}\) Basal light attenuation \(0.01\ \upmu \text {m}^{2}\ \text {cell}^{-1}\)
  1. For definitions and derivations see “Methods” section