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Fig. 9

From: Optimal proteome allocation strategies for phototrophic growth in a light-limited chemostat

Fig. 9

Maximal productivity of heterologous production. We consider a hypothetical strain whose protein allocation maximizes the productivity \(P_X\) for different dilution rates D. Results are shown for an incident light intensity \(I_0 = 440\ \upmu \text {E m}^{-2}\ s^{-1}\). a The maximal productivity \(P_X\) decreases with increasing dilution rate D. b The optimal expression of the heterologous protein as a function of dilution rate. c The cellular composition for the WT-strategy for \(I_0 = 440\ \upmu \text {E m}^{-2}\ \text {s}^{-1}\) and a dilution rate \(D=0.03\ \text {h}^{-1}\). d Optimal cellular composition under the \(\text {P}_{\mathrm{X}}\)-strategy for an identical incident light intensity and dilution rate

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