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Table 2 Main performance indexes for micro-aeration cultures carried out with S. cerevisiae using different substrates and medium compositions

From: Metabolic fluxes-oriented control of bioreactors: a novel approach to tune micro-aeration and substrate feeding in fermentations

Source Yp/s (gethanol g −1substrate ) PrP, EtOH (gethanol L−1 h−1) Final CEtOH (g L−1) Medium Carbon source Cultivation conditions Yeast strain (S. cerevisiae)
This work (FMC) 0.46 7.0 87.2 Defined Glucose Fed-batch, micro-aerated Itaiquara baker’s yeast
This work (BBP) 0.38 3.8 62.1 Defined Glucose Fed-batch, no gas supplied Itaiquara baker’s yeast
This work (SAC) 0.39 4.1 57.2 Defined Glucose Fed-batch, strictly anaerobic Itaiquara baker’s yeast
Ben Chaabane et al. [23] 0.44 41 65.0 Defined Glucose Two-stage continuous with cell recirculation, second stage micro-aerated CBS 8066
Brandberg et al. [43] 0.47 ~0.2 18.5 Defined Glucose Continuous with cell recirculation, micro-aerated ATCC 96581
López-Abelairas et al. [10] 0.38 3.3 46.9 Complex Maltose Continuous, periodical micro-aerated Commercial Fermentis yeast
Joannis et al. [44] 0.47 2.3 118.7 Complex Sucrose Very high gravity fed-batch, constant aeration (1 vvh) C10
Deesuth et al. [45] 0.49 2.7 127.9 Complex Sucrose Very high gravity batch, constant aeration (0.31 vvm) NP01
  1. All the cited experiments were carried at 30 °C, with exception of López-Abelairas et al. [10], which was at 32.5 °C