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Box 1.

From: Metabolic fluxes-oriented control of bioreactors: a novel approach to tune micro-aeration and substrate feeding in fermentations

Box 1.

Calculation procedures for experimental fluxes. The values for constants and other conditions are: \({\text{y}}_{{{\text{CO}}_{ 2} , {\text{ in}}}}\) = 0.04 * 10−2; Tin = 294.25 K; Pout = 1 atm; R = 0.08206*10−3 L atm mmol−1 K−1. The variables \({\text{y}}_{{{\text{CO}}_{ 2} , {\text{ out}}}}\), \({\text{y}}_{{{\text{O}}_{ 2} , {\text{ out}}}}\) and Tout were measured on-line and accessed through the supervisory software. \({\text{J}}_{\text{s}}^{\text{Exp}}\), \({\text{J}}_{\text{EtOH}}^{\text{Exp}}\), \({\text{J}}_{\text{Gly}}^{\text{Exp}}\), \({\text{J}}_{\text{X}}^{\text{Exp}}\) are expressed in mmol g −1DW  h−1 and were obtained from off-line data. Volume (V, in L) was estimated at-line after integration of feed flow rate and subtraction of medium withdrawals. Mass and mole data are expressed in g and mmol, respectively

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