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Fig. 2

From: Metabolic fluxes-oriented control of bioreactors: a novel approach to tune micro-aeration and substrate feeding in fermentations

Fig. 2

Metabolic shifts predicted by the GSM for different oxygen and substrate fluxes. a Metabolic fluxes predicted by the genome-scale metabolic model (GSM) of S. cerevisiae iND750 [33]. b An example of the metabolic shifts predicted by the GSM, for a glucose flux of 3 mmol g −1DW  h−1. Shift I: increase of \({\text{J}}_{\text{Gly}}^{\text{MM}}\) and decrease of \({\text{J}}_{\text{EtOH}}^{\text{MM}}\); Shift II: increase of \({\text{J}}_{\text{X}}^{\text{MM}}\) and decrease of \({\text{J}}_{\text{EtOH}}^{\text{MM}}\)

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