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Fig. 1

From: A FRET-based biosensor for the quantification of glucose in culture supernatants of mL scale microbial cultivations

Fig. 1

Stability of the Glu[−] sensor (20 µM) in MOPS buffer (20 mM, pH 7.3) at 25 °C. a FRET-ratio of the Glu[−] sensor showing clear evidence of degradation after incubation for 3 days. b SDS-PAGE analysis of the Glu[−] sensor. Labels above the lanes mark the number of days of incubation. The size of the full-length protein is ~ 90 kDa (green box). After 2 days at 25 °C the sensor starts to degrade into smaller fragments of ~ 60 kDa (orange box, lane 3) and ~ 25–30 kDa (red box). After 4 days (lanes 4–11) the sensor is fully degraded into fragment of ~ 25–30 kDa (for details see text)

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