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Table 1 Top 10 genes upregulated after 30 min in E. coli exposed to acrylic acid

From: Development and application of a transcriptional sensor for detection of heterologous acrylic acid production in E. coli

Gene Fold up-regulation Function
yhjX 6.5 Putative carboxylic acid antiporter
bhsA 5.7 Multiple stress protein
gcd 5.4 Glucose dehydrogenase
ybgS 5.4 Unknown
yhcN 4.5 Cellular response to acidity/peroxide
nrdH 4.3 Glutaredoxin-like protein
prpC 4.3 Citrate synthase
sufA 4.0 Iron-sulphur cluster assembly
prpB 4.0 Methyl isocitrate lyase
gadA 3.8 Glutamate decarboxylase