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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in the study

From: Optimization of alkaline protease production by rational deletion of sporulation related genes in Bacillus licheniformis

Strain or plasmidCharacteristics or purposeReference
 E. coli EC135Knockout vectors constructionChinese Academy of Science
 E. coli EC135 pM.BamPlasmid DNA methylation modificationChinese Academy of Science
 B. licheniformis 2709 Δupp (BL Δupp)Parent hostThis work
 B. licheniformis ΔsigF (BL ΔF)ΔsigF, sigF gene deletionThis work
 B. licheniformis ΔsigE (BL ΔE)ΔsigE, sig E gene deletionThis work
 B. licheniformis Δspo0A (BL Δ0A)Δspo0A, spo0A gene deletionThis work
 B. licheniformis CsigF (BL CF)sigF gene complementationThis work
 B. licheniformis CsigE (BL CE)sigE gene complementationThis work
 B. licheniformis Cspo0A (BL C0A)spo0A gene complementationThis work
 pWH1520Shuttle expression vector, Ampr (E. coli) and Tetr (Bacillus): MCSNankai University
 pWHUpWH1520, upr T gene, cas9 geneThis work
 pWHFKnockout vector, spo IIAC gene deletionThis work
 pWHEKnockout vector, sig E gene deletionThis work
 pWHAKnockout vector, spo0A gene deletionThis work
 pWHCFBackcrossed vector, spo IIAC gene complementationThis work
 pWHCEBackcrossed vector, sig E gene complementationThis work
 pWHCABackcrossed vector, spo0A gene complementationThis work