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Table 2 differentially expressed genes related with transporter in Cm_8h and Cm5_36h

From: Whole transcriptome analysis and gene deletion to understand the chloramphenicol resistance mechanism and develop a screening method for homologous recombination in Myxococcus xanthus

Gene name Description log2FoldChange Phenotype name
MXAN_2566 MFS transporter 5.60 Cm5_36h
1.42 Cm_8h
MXAN_7022 MATE family transporter 3.00 Cm5_36h
3.92 Cm_8h
MXAN_0091 RND transporter 2.32 Cm5_36h
4.65 Cm_8h
MXAN_0092 RND transporter 1.46 Cm5_36h
1.38 Cm_8h
MXAN_7119 MATE family transporter 1.12 Cm5_36h
1.01 Cm_8h
MXAN_1286 ABC transporter 1.57 Cm5_36h
MXAN_6403 ABC transporter 1.08 Cm5_36h
MXAN_0819 Biopolymer transporter 1.61 Cm5_36h
2.19 Cm_8h
MXAN_2948 ABC transporter 1.14 Cm_8h
MXAN_5963 MFS transporter 1.27 Cm_8h
MXAN_0274 Biopolymer transporter 1.14 Cm_8h
MXAN_3225 ABC transporter 1.04 Cm_8h
MXAN_3650 ABC transporter 1.13 Cm_8h
MXAN_3677 MFS transporter 1.12 Cm_8h
MXAN_4623 ABC transporter 3.18 Cm_8h
MXAN_4818 ABC transporter 1.01 Cm_8h
MXAN_4819 ABC transporter 1.07 Cm_8h
MXAN_5186 Multidrug transporter 1.13 Cm_8h