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Table 1 Strains, plasmids, and transformants used in the present study

From: Reconstruction of metabolic pathway for isobutanol production in Escherichia coli

Strains or plasmids Genotype Source or reference
 NovaBlue endA1 hsdR17 (rK12mK12+) supE44 thi-I gyrA96 relA1 lac recA1/F’
[proAB+ lacIqM15::Tn10 (Tetr)]; used for gene cloning
 ATCC 700926 MG1655 American Type Culture Collection
 CFTi2 ATCC 700926 ATCC
 CFTi3 CFTi2Δpgi This study
 CFTi4 CFTi3ΔgntR This study
 CFTi5 CFTi4Δgnd This study
 CFTi6 CFTi5ΔpflB This study
 CFTi9 CFTi6ΔldhA This study
 CFTi10 CFTi7Δpta This study
 CFTi2a CFTi2 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi3a CFTi3 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi4a CFTi4 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi5a CFTi5 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi6a CFTi6 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi9a CFTi9 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi10a CFTi10 harboring pTka This study
 CFTi21 CFTi2a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi31 CFTi3a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi41 CFTi4a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi51 CFTi5a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi61 CFTi6a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi91 CFTi9a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi101 CFTi10a harboring p23SCD This study
 CFTi91co CFTi91 harboring pSAK This study
 CFTi91zp CFTi91 harboring pSzp This study
 CFTi91zpee CFTi91 harboring pSzpee This study
 pTrcHis B Ptrc, pBR322 ori, Ampr Life Technologies
 pZE12MCS PLlacO1, colE1 ori, Ampr Expressys
 pZA23MCS PAlacO1, p15A ori, Kmr Expressys
 pZA23trc Ptrc, p15A ori, Kmr This study
 pSAK PAlacO1, SC101 ori, Cmr [23]
 pZka pZE12MCS containing kivd and adhAfrom Lactococcus lactis This study
 pTka pTrcHis B containing kivd and adhAfrom Lactococcus lactis This study
 p23S pZA23trc containing alsS from B. subtilis This study
 p23SCD pZA23trc containing alsS from B. subtilis, ilvC and ilvD from Escherichia coli This study
 pSp pSAK containing pgl from E. coli  
 pSzp pSAK containing zwf and pgl from E. coli This study
 pSzpee pSzp containing edd and eda from E. coli This study
  1. Amp, ampicillin; Km, kanamycin; Cm, chloramphenicolp