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Table 4 Source of key mutations validated for causality in isolated strains from the current study or constructed previously from Lacroix et al. [22]

From: Generation of an E. coli platform strain for improved sucrose utilization using adaptive laboratory evolution

Genetic region Mutation Source
K-12 MG1655 N/A N/A
pyrE-rph Δ82 bp deletion LaCroix et al. [22]
rpoB E672K (GAA→AAA) LaCroix et al. [22]
rpoC R1075C (CGT→TGT) MGcscBKAp A1 F138 I1 MGcscBKAp A2 F140 I1
R978C (CGT→TGT) MGcscBKAp A3 F139 I1
T1045P (ACC→CCC) MGcscBKA A3 F140 I1 with additional mutations of (tdcG, baeS)
pyrE-rph + rpoB Δ82 bp + E672K (GAA→AAA) LaCroix et al. [22]
pyrE-rph + rpoB Δ82 bp + S621F (TCC→TTC) MGcscBKA A1 F136 I1