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Fig. 6

From: Exploring the xylose paradox in Saccharomyces cerevisiae through in vivo sugar signalomics of targeted deletants

Fig. 6

Schematic representation of the signalling effects of xylose on a the background strain line, and b on the ira2isu1∆ double deletion. High xylose concentrations resulted in a low glucose-signal in all the biosensors in the background strain (a), but this was not the case for ira2isu1∆ (b). Solid arrows: reactions/transport; dashed arrows: induction (arrowhead) or repression (hammerhead). a was adapted from our previous work [39]. HXT1 belongs to the Snf3p/Rgt2p pathway, SUC2 to the SNF1/Mig1p pathway and TPS1 to the cAMP/PKA pathway (Fig. 1)

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