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Fig. 3

From: Increasing jojoba-like wax ester production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by enhancing very long-chain, monounsaturated fatty acid synthesis

Fig. 3

Effect of expression of (heterologous) elongases (FAEs/KCSs) together with heterologous desaturases (FADs) on the concentration of fatty acids (FAs) (mg/g CDW) in the background strain CEN.PK 113-5D elo3Δ X-2::pMPC3::ACC1** X-3::IFA38::PHS1::TSC13::ACB1 (LW03). The values represent the mean ± standard deviation (SD) of three biological replicates of strains LW04 (pYX212), LW12 (pYX212::CaKCS::SciFAD-SP), LW13 (pYX212::CaKCS::ChDes9-1), LW14 (pYX212::CaKCS::AtADS1.2), LW15 (pYX212::CaKCS::AtADS1.4), LW16 (pYX212::LaKCS::SciFAD-SP), LW17 (pYX212::LaKCS::ChDes9-1), LW18 (pYX212::LaKCS::AtADS1.2) and LW19 (pYX212::LaKCS::AtADS1.4), respectively. The strains were grown for 48 h in minimal medium containing 20 g/L glucose

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