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Fig. 6

From: Screening and purification of nanobodies from E. coli culture supernatants using the hemolysin secretion system

Fig. 6

Purification and antigen binding activities of secreted Nb-HlyA fusions. a Coomassie staining after SDS-PAGE of purified His-tagged Nb-HlyA fusions from induced culture supernatants of EC7, IB10 and TD4 clones produced in E. coli HB2151(pVDL9.3). b Antigen binding curves determined by ELISA of purified Nb-HlyA fusions from EC7, IB10 and TD4 clones at the indicated concentrations. Bound Nb-HlyA proteins were developed with anti-E-tag mAb. OD490 values indicated are obtained against the specific antigen (EspA for EC7, Int280 for IB10, TirM for TD4) after subtraction of OD490 values against BSA (control antigen). Data are the average of triplicate ELISA experiments

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