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Fig. 2

From: Establishment of BmoR-based biosensor to screen isobutanol overproducer

Fig. 2

Fluorescence distribution of the cells and the response of BmoR-based biosensor to different alcohols which were fed into the culture. Strain YH1 (BW25113 (F′) harboring plasmid pYH1) was used for fluorescence detection. For a, the fluorescence microscope (Nikon model Eclipse Ni-U) was used to observe fluorescence distribution of the cells. Fluorescence was not observed when feeding 0 mM isobutanol to the culture and was observed when feeding 50 mM isobutanol. For b, the response values of this biosensor towards isobutanol, n-butanol and 3-MB which were represented by blue, red and green lines, respectively

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