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Fig. 2

From: Direct pathway cloning of the sodorifen biosynthetic gene cluster and recombinant generation of its product in E. coli

Fig. 2

Quantitative comparison of sodorifen amounts produced by S. plymuthica WS3236 and E. coli cultivated in succDMM and TB media over the course of 4 days. Yields were calculated based on peak areas pA*s measured with analytical GC. 26-fold higher sodorifen production in E. coli (TB, 4th day) can be observed compared to the best conditions tested for S. plymuthica (TB, 1st day). S. plymuthica shows a constant decrease of sodorifen production during the time course whereas for E. coli in TB a constant increase is observed and in succDMM a maximum is reached on the 2nd day

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