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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: High-efficiency expression and secretion of human FGF21 in Bacillus subtilis by intercalation of a mini-cistron cassette and combinatorial optimization of cell regulatory components

Plasmids Genotype and/or relevant characteristic(s) Source
pMA5 E. coli/B. subtilis shuttle vector, PHpaII, Apr, Kmr BGSC
pMATE pMA5 derivative, PmalA This work
pMA5F pMA5 derivative, SPpelB-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF pMATE derivative, SPpelB-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEFc1 pMATEF derivative, cistron1 This work
pMATEFc2 pMATEF derivative, cistron2 This work
pMATEFc3 pMATEF derivative, cistron3 This work
pMATEFc4 pMATEF derivative, cistron4 This work
pMATEFc5 pMATEF derivative, cistron5 This work
pMATEFc6 pMATEF derivative, cistron6 This work
pMATEFc7 pMATEF derivative, cistron7 This work
pDF Integration vector, pDL derivative, Pgrac101, Apr, Cmr Lab stock
pDF-d pDF derivative, dsbA This work
pDF1 pDF derivative, blsecA This work
pDF2 pDF derivative, csaA This work
pDF3 pDF derivative, dnak This work
pDF4 pDF derivative, ffh This work
pDF5 pDF derivative, ftsY This work
pDF6 pDF derivative, groESL This work
pDF7 pDF derivative, prsA This work
pDF8 pDF derivative, qssecA This work
pDF9 pDF derivative, scr This work
pDF10 pDF derivative, SRP This work
pDF11 pDF derivative, yrdF This work
pMATEFc5R1 pMATEFc5 derivative, rhfgf21(L98R) This work
pMATEFc5R2 pMATEFc5 derivative, rhfgf21(P171A) This work
pMATEFc5R3 pMATEFc5 derivative, rhfgf21(P171G) This work
pMATEF1 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPphoD-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF2 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPpel-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF3 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPywbN-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF4 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPlipA-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF5 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPprotA-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF6 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPywmC-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF7 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPdacB-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF8 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPnprE-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF9 pMATEFc5 derivative, SPyddT-rhfgf21 This work
pMATEF10 pMATEFc5 derivative, SP-yoqmrhfgf21 This work
pMATEF11 pMATEFc5 derivative, SP-yvcerhfgf21 This work